Last minute in Valencia : dead and infected today by coronavirus in the Comunitat

The Comunitat Valenciana has not registered no coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hoursso the total continues to be 1,468 people. At the same time, on this last day 24 high to patients with coronavirus, which now brings the number of people cured in the Valencia Region to 14,367.

In the last 7 days 631 people have been discharged, an increase of 4.6%. By provinces, the distribution is as follows: 1,691 in Castellón, 4,948 in Alicante and 7,723 in the province of Valencia, in addition to 5 not assigned to any province.

For its part, the number of patients requiring hospitalization continues to decline every day. At present there are 77 people admitted for coronavirus in Valencian hospitals, of which 8 require ICU care.

Since last Sunday, the number of people admitted to hospitals for coronavirus has been reduced by 22.2%, and the number of ICU patients by 38.4%. By province, at present: 8 in Castellón, without ICU patients; 29 in Alicante, 5 of them in ICU; and 40 in the province of Valencia, 3 of them in ICU.

In terms of positive cases through PCR, 3 new cases have been detected, bringing the total to 11,479. By province, this is the distribution:

0 in Castellon. Total: 1.599

0 in Alicante. Total: 3.955

3 in Valencia. Total: 5.920

5 not assigned (not new)

Of all the positive cases detected, 2,034 are currently active, which is only 11.3% of the total. The number of health professionals registered is 2,277 and the total number of positive results in professionals at this time is 498.

The total number of tests performed for coronavirus There have been 418,904 of which 300,435 have been through PCR and 118,469 through rapid test.

Situation in the residences

To date there are some positive cases in 20 centres (1 in the province of Castellón, 6 in the province of Alicante and 13 in the province of Valencia).

At the moment, they are under active surveillance of health control 10 residences in the Comunitat Valencia: 2 in the province of Castellón, 3 in the province of Alicante and 5 in the province of Valencia.

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