Tavernes staggers the start of sports training to avoid contagion

The sports clubs of Tavernes start the training season and they will do it in a staggered way and with monitors who will enforce the regulations against the Covid-19. The Tavernes City Council, through the Department of Sports, has prepared a coronavirus prevention protocol to guarantee maximum safety for users of sports facilities during collective and individual training, competitions and sports activities.

The measures adopted were agreed at a meeting attended by the Mayor of Tavernes, Sergi González, the Councillor for Sports, Lara Romero, and the Councillor for Health, Mónica PalomaresThe team is made up of the nurses from the health centre and the sports technician.

Gonzalez has stressed that the “City Council will continue working to respond to allThe Committee is pleased to note that the Commission has not yet taken a decision on this matter.l and to guarantee maximum security to the residents of Tavernes in each of the activities’.

Romero remarked “the work done by Deportes in the face of such difficult and complicated circumstances for the practice of sport. Efforts have been multiplied to design a protocol that specifies the rules of use of sports facilities and the functioning of the fence clubs following scrupulously the regulations of the respective sports federations”.

Several prevention measures have been coordinated with the clubs in the municipality to minimize the risk of transmission of Covidien-19. Thus, the start of training is done in a staggered manner to ensure safety and good operation of the activities, organizing them in different groups and shifts in the municipal facilities, which are disinfected after use.

It should also be noted among the measures specified in the protocol, in which each club will have a coordinator against Covidien-19, who will be responsible for to enforce municipal and Generalitat regulations Valencian in the field of sports. The creation of this figure will allow the protocols to be applied better and more quickly.

Moreover, special attention has been paid to comply with the rules of use of the facilities regarding punctuality, the entry register, the individual responsibility documentThe aim is to ensure that the training is carried out at the right time, that the temperature is controlled before training, that the changing rooms are used properly and that the sports equipment of each club is disinfected, etc.

As in other years, the Escola de Jocs, aimed at the youngest children in Tavernes, will be launched from October if the health situation allows it.

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