! Valencia Today – Participants In Torrevieja Unemployment Workshop Painting Out Graffiti In Dique De Levante


Participants in Torrevieja unemployment workshop painting out graffiti in Dique de Levante

Those attending a workshop for the unemployed in Torrevieja and learning how to become painters have been put to work painting over graffiti on the 1,800-metre Dique de Levante in the port.

The jetty is being painted over in light grey to hide the graffiti, and the next step in the makeover process will be for the budding painters from the Taller de Empleo Mediterráneo VII to move on to the benches in the area. On Friday Mayor Eduardo Dolón and the local councillor for Employment and Development, José Antonio Sánchez, visited the workers to see how the job was progressing, highlighting the importance of these retraining workshops, which have helped to find work for local unemployed.

Participants in Torrevieja unemployment workshop painting out graffiti in Dique de LevanteUnemployment in Spain is still over 26%, in spite of the recent small reductions in the numbers of unemployed, ( except for Valencia region!)and workshops such as this, the Taller de Empleo Mediterráneo VII help to retrain those for whom lack of skills greatly reduces the chance of finding any sort of work. The skills taught give a professional qualification, in fields for which there is always a steady demand for skilled workers.
The biggest problem facing Spanish unemployed is that the longer term unemployed have an increasingly smaller chance of finding work, and the longer an individual is unemployed, the greater the loss of self esteem and the smaller the chance of actually finding work. Over 34% of Spanish unemployed have been out of work for over 2 years.

This course lasts for a year and has taken 44 pupils off the unemployment lists and provided work for 9 teachers and monitors.

Pupils on the courses are learning a variety of skills, including garden infrastructure, painting, and pavement and paving laying skills, the tasks given to the pupils being practical jobs in various municipal infrastructures including the Centro de Formación Municipal, municipal archive and libraries, garden area of Los Balcones next to the Parque Reina de la Sal), the rugby pitch and multi-use areas of the “Nelson Mandela” sporting stadium in the Ciudad Deportiva, football pitches of the Ciudad Deportiva, the Dique de Levante and the Paseo Marítimo Juan Aparicio.

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