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28th to 30th March, los Murales de San Isidro in Orihuela 2014One of the most famous names linked with Orihuela is that of Miguel Hernández, a Republican poet who died in prison during the Spanish Civil War and has achieved nationwide fame with his emotional and expressive poems of rebellion and love , many of his finest works written in letters to his wife as he slowly died in prison.
Hernández has become a symbol of determination and solidarity, his works studied in Spanish curriculum, as part of the studies into the Spanish Civil War.

There are several memorials to Hernández in Orihuela, including his birthplace which has been made into a small museum, but the most striking memorial to him was created on the eve of democracy following the death of Francisco Franco, when a spontaneous act took place in the district of San Isidro, a poor district, inhabited by many of the more artistic element of society who were so repressed in the area during dictatorship, when murals honouring Hernández and democracy were painted on the walls of the houses.
It’s an interesting story, Click Muralles de San Isidro, Orihuela
The council has begun a process of restoring these 1970’s murals and creating new ones, much of which is done during this annual festival at the end of March.

From Friday the 28th to the 30th, the district will buzz with activity, as artists work to restore the existing murals and create new ones, some of them the original artists who created the original works during the 70’s.
In addition there will be an artisan market in the district and live musical entertainment.
At the moment, anyone who would like to participate in the activities as either an artist, group of artists or students, or registered craftworker can do so, and the full programme of activities will be released nearer the time.

The best point of contact for non-spanish speakers is the tourist office, where English is spoken, who will be able to help you through the registration process.

Click tourist office Orihuela, or Orihuela Costa tourist office.

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