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The Alicante auditórium
ADDA Auditorio de la Diputación de AlicanteTicketing
Tickets for performances at the ADDA are sold via www.instanticket.es

Tickets can be acquired at www.instanticket.es (telephone sales 902 444 300)
When first using the programme online register as a new user as you will be unable to actually buy the tickets without first being registered. (It can be easier to call).
To buy tickets for ADDA auditorium , use the search box to find the auditorium and concert. First select from provincial, select Alicante, localidad select Alicante, Recintos, ADDA Auditorio de la Diputación de Alicante, then press buscar to bring up a list of performances at the auditorium.
Select concert

Tickets can also be purchased :
At the box office at the ADDA auditorium from 6pm onwards on the day of the performance.
Edificio Auditorio de la Diputación de Alicante
Paseo de Campoamor s/n – 03010 Alicante
Tlfno.: 965.919.100

Click for map Paseo de Campoamor, Alicante

Be aware: Booking agencies will add commission and charges to ticket costs when processing a purchase, so the actual final cost of the ticket will be higher than the face value.

About the building itself
ADDA Auditorio de la Diputación de AlicanteThe new Auditorio de la Diputación de Alicante (ADDA) was officially opened in 2011, and is an emblematic modern building in the heart of the city of Alicante, designed to host not only musical and artistic events but also congresses and conferences.
The auditorium centre occupies a floor area of over 28,000 square metres, and the total capacity of the different concert halls and other areas is over 5,000 people. The modernity of its architecture and the diverse facilities are intended to make the building a flagship for tourism in the city over the coming decades.

The main entrance is on the Paseo de Campoamor, near the bullring in the centre of Alicante, and the building is laid out in such a way as to give many areas a dual function. The exterior is finished in “Capri” limestone on a base of black granite, both materials reflecting the architectonic traditions of the area.

The program at the ADDA is based on classical symphonies, chamber music, congresses, conferences, exhibitions and receptions, and there are separate areas set aside for each of these purposes. All of them are well served by cloakrooms, lifts and toilets.

The main concert hall (“Sala Sinfónica”) occupies all three floors of the building and is accessed from the main foyer, from where a maximum of 1,216 people can enter the hall. There are 744 seats on the lower level and 472 more in the circle, and for smaller events only the lower level is used. The stage occupies 271 square metres, making it large enough for a full orchestra, and thanks to the walnut ceiling the acoustics are excellent.

ADDA Auditorio de la Diputación de AlicanteNext to the Sala Sinfónica is the entrance hall, where the character of the whole building is defined by the 584 hanging lamps which illuminate the black and white decoration of the area which is finished in a variety of woods and metals, a reference to the instruments used in performance. Above the entrance hall is the foyer on the first floor.

The “Sala de Cristal” on the ground floor holds a maximum of 310 people and is used for conferences, receptions and the like. It is extraordinarily light, thanks to the large panes of glass which surround it and give it its name.

There is also a conference room with a capacity of 216 people on the first floor, equipped with simultaneous translation booths.
The chamber music hall on the ground floor (“Sala de Música de Cámara”) seats 290, and the 83-square-metre stage and high-quality acoustics make it ideal for smaller musical ensembles.

Another conference room seating 150, the exhibition hall occupying 757 square metres and other smaller meeting rooms complete the list of spaces used to host events in the ADDA.

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