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Cala Mosca Beach, Orihuela (Playa Flamenca area)Located on the shore of the Playa Flamenca residential area, Cala Mosca is the shortest of Orihuela’s beaches at only 108 metres, but due to its width (63 metres on average) it is not the smallest. Flanked by residential properties on one side and undeveloped land – a rarity on this part of the coast! – on the other, it is a tranquil setting for a day out on the beach and in the Mediterranean.

The area is large enough for it to feel like a beach rather than a secluded cove, and the facilities provided in the high season, from mid-June to mid-September, include a beach bar, volleyball court, foot showers, sunbeds and sunshades for hire and many of the other facilities which are standard throughout the municipality’s beaches. There is a ramp for use by those who can’t manage the stairs from the Paseo Cala Mosca Beach, Orihuela (Playa Flamenca area)Marítimo, and there is also a special disabled toilet, but no floating beach chair is available on this beach.

There is daily seawater quality analysis during the high season, jellyfish warnings are issued when appropriate, the beach is cleaned daily, the bins are emptied and any seaweed drifting ashore is cleared daily, and toilet facilities are available.

Rescue services, a first aid point and a lifeguards’ hut all provide safety in the event of bathers disregarding the coloured flags indicating bathing conditions, and access to the beach is relatively easy although parking facilities are limited right next to the sand (as of course they tend to be in urban beach locations).

Cala Mosca Beach, Orihuela (Playa Flamenca area)However, apart from the “chiringuito” this beach is also served by the eating establishments on the headland just to the south, between Cala Mosca and Cala Estaca. Apart from providing an extra parking option this makes the two beaches an especially attractive destination for those wishing to get away from the glare of the fine white sand at lunchtime to taste the local and international cuisine on offer, especially in the spring and autumn when the majority of the Spanish visitors are back at work or at school!

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This is near to the Playa Flamenca residential area, click for more info Playa Flamenca

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