! Valencia Today – El Campico Market Closure Placed On Hold In Guardamar Del Segura


The arguments continue to rage on over the controversial El Campico market in Guardamar del Segura, with El Campico market closure placed on hold in Guardamar del Segurathe latest development being a possible infringement of environmental laws.

In May of this year a High Court judge ruled that the market, which has been held for the last 23 years and features approximately 800 stalls and 40 bars, should be closed down because it has never been issued with a licence. This decision supported a Town Hall resolution to close El Campico dated 15th April.

However, the Town Hall has now received notification that another judicial order has suspended the closure of the market, and informs the public that it is working on altering local bylaws and land use plans in order to make it possible for Sunday shoppers to continue using El Campico by legalizing the event. Despite the objections of those who run other local markets, the local government recognizes that the weekly event has become an important part of life in Guardamar and the local economy, and rather than closing it down they are keen to make sure that the responsibility to abide fully by the law is met.

Meanwhile, it has also emerged that a judge in Torrevieja believes that the market may have been guilty of offences against the environment, due to the suspicion that waste water from El Campico could be flowing into septic deposits which affect the salt lake of La Mata. This follows an investigation by the Seprona nature protection division of the Guardia Civil which began in November last year, which has led to the conclusion that the water of the lake shows characteristics which are typical of untreated urban sewage: if this is proven to have originated in an unlicensed market held on land classified as non-urbanizable, the consequences for El Campico could be very serious.

For the time being the market remains fully operational, and appears to have the support of the Town Hall despite these clouds hanging over its future.

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