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Lifeguard services now operational on Torrevieja beaches

Since last Saturday the lifeguard huts and lookout towers on the beaches of Torrevieja have been manned, at first on a partial basis before the full summer season begins on 30th June.

There are a total of 26 lifeguard points on the municipality’s beaches as well as nine first-aid huts, and the same contract with the Red Cross covers the running of all of these facilities at a cost to the Town Hall of 450,000 euros. In return for this payment in the second half of June and the first half of September there are 44 lifeguards on duty, whilst in July and August the total is increased to 75. The lookout points and first-aid huts are manned from 11.00 to 19.00 every day, although only five first-aid points are open in June and September.

As well as overseeing the safety of bathers, the lifeguards also assist an average of 15 disabled bathers per day on the beaches of Los Náufragos and Los Locos and at the Piscinas Naturales on the Paseo de Juan Aparicio. Those of limited mobility can also request transport to the beach by phoning the Red Cross on 965 711818 during July and August: this service is completely free of charge, and after being assisted in the water the disabled bathers are then taken back home again.

Staff at the Red Cross huts promise to reach bathers and sunbathers in distress within a maximum of five minutes, and inside the huts the equipment includes an impressive array of machines and medical treatments. Identity bracelets for children and the elderly are also supplied on request, enabling lifeguards to contact the parents or relatives if these people are in need of assistance.

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