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Orihuela body on the beach identified as Francis BrennanThe body of a man washed up on la Zenia beach last weekend, has been identified as 25 year old Liverpool fugitive, Francis Brennan, who was being sought by British police to answer charges about an assault in the Thames Valley during 2012.

Brennan had fled the UK and arrived in Alicante in October last year while awaiting sentencing for his involvement in a violent incident which had taken place during the Swedish House Mafia music concert in Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, in July 2012, choosing the province of Alicante, and specifically the area of Javéa, after enjoying a stag do there on a previous occasion.

His family say in press interviews published this weekend that they are fully aware that their son was “no angel”, having first been convicted of affray after being part of a gang who terrorised pensioner Jim Barrett, causing him to suffer a heart attack, and who had begun to re-offend after coming out of a young offenders’ institute and losing his job aged 21, and say they had repeatedly asked him to come back to the UK and face the court hearing, although he had resolutely refused, feeling safer in Spain.

Orihuela body on the beach identified as Francis BrennanHowever, his past appears to have followed him, as on January 24th of this year he was “arrested” by three men dressed as Guardia Civil, who intercepted him as he left the gym he habitually visited with a friend.

Within days, friends and family realised this was no arrest but a kidnap, and no trace had been seen of him since January until he turned up on the beach of La Zénia, in the Orihuela municipality last Saturday, wrapped in an industrial binbag, taped tightly with gaffer tape, hands and feet tied together.

The first person to see the corpse was a waiter from a nearby restaurant who saw what he initially thought was the body of a dolphin washed up on the shoreline, about 10 metres from the water’s edge, a regular, if not frequent sight along this stretch of coastline. However, after having a closer look he called the police, who arrived shortly afterwards and cordoned off the area, but not before a large crowd of onlookers had gathered to photograph the body on the beach.

Francis Brennan was identified by DNA sampling, as the body had obviously been in the water for a few days and had deteriorated, although police said that the body showed signs of torture or beating and that death appeared to be due to a severe head wound.

Investigations are now underway to ascertain the whereabouts of the deceased since January.

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