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Orihuela markets row continues: residents present petition against transferThe rows in Orihuela over the proposed transfer of the Saturday and Tuesday street markets to new locations in the old quarter continues to simmer in spite of the fact that last week it was announced that the markets would be moving and opening in their new location from the 4th March onwards. Residents living in the old quarter where the markets will now open are up in arms, and are busy forming a protest platform against the changes, claiming that they were not consulted about the proposed transfer and that the move will damage their own quality of life.

Specific complaints are that they will have to move their vehicles the night before in order to accommodate the market stalls and that they will be disrupted from 5am in the morning when the stallholders start setting up in the streets beneath their apartments.

Residents from the Las Monserratinas district of Orihuela, which is where the market will move to, presented a thousand signature petition this week in the municipal registry as a mark of protest.

The stallholders also continue to protest and this week the draw allocating new posts in the market has not gone ahead as planned in spite of the fact that the new markets are due to begin operating next week.
For the moment, there has been no change announced to the proposed moves which means that as of Tuesday 4th and Saturday 8th, the markets SHOULD be as follows, although this week there is likely to be some protest and probable disruption:
Tuesday’s market stalls will be located in Avenida Duque de Tamames, Avenida de la Vega, Calle Luis Barcala and the side streets joining them, except for Calle Arzobispo and Calle Prendimiento which will be kept open in order to allow emergency vehicles to gain access if necessary. The food stalls will be located in the Avenida de la Vega.( Click for map, Avenida Duque de Tamames)

The Saturday market is to be moved from Los Andenes to the old city centre. The market will occupy the Puente Nuevo (from Calle Obispo Rocamora to Calle Alfonso XIII), and will include the area next to the Hotel Tudemir, Plaza Teniente Linares, Plaza de la Soledad and Calle Alfonso XIII.( Click for map, Calle Alfonso XIII)

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