! Valencia Today – Valencia Student Invents Corruptopolis : A Spanish Corruption Boardgame


Valencia student invents Corruptopolis : a Spanish corruption boardgame

Monopoly faces a new rival as the corruption cases which have become a daily feature of Spanish news continue to preoccupy the media and threaten to change the face of domestic politics during the next elections, public abhorrence expressed in a variety of innovative ways.

The latest has come from Marina Belda, a student from Valencia, who has used her imagination and inventiveness to create a new board game called Corruptópolis based on the political corruption scandals which are rife in Spain at the moment, in which each player assumes the identity of one of the major players in ten of the most widely publicized cases.

The winner of the game is the first one to reach Villa Corrupta without being convicted, and the trail to the winning square begins with the Misuse of Public Funds. On the way to victory (or imprisonment), each player tests his or her knowledge of the corruption cases which have hit the headlines over the last few years, and some of the questions participants have to answer are uncomfortably close to the bone for the public figures involved.

For example, “Who repeatedly said “I don’t know” and “I don’t remember” when questioned about their involvement in the Nóos case?”, or “Who sent a text message to Luis Bárcenas ( former PP treasurer with an inexplicably large Swiss bank account who has been held in jail without charges being pressed for over a year) saying ‘Luis, I understand. Be strong. I’ll call tomorrow’”. Five points for all readers who know both answers (*see bottom of the page if interested).

The questions revolve around the Gürtel, Bárcenas, Filesa, ERE, Noós, Campeón, Malaya, Pokémon, Palau and Palma Arena cases, and other key elements include the Basic Corruption Guide. Jokers such as the Revolving Door and Indemnity cards can also be used.

Señorita Belda is constantly reviewing the game, and says ironically that at the current rate new editions will have to be brought out every few months as more cases of corruption come to light. With tongue firmly in cheek she claims that the game highlights the real elements of Spain’s international image, such as “the excellence of our politicians and the modern and democratic way in which our State is run”.

Around 6,500 euros are needed for the game to be marketed commercially, and through the internet Srta Belda has already raised around 1,000€. Those making donations before 8th December will be allowed to add new characters to those already included, and the inventor of Corruptópolis may harbor a secret hope that one of those who are featured might suddenly provide 5,500€ in a brown envelope in exchange for some of the questions being altered….

Meanwhile suggestions for new features are flooding social networks, the “Get your Mayor out of jail card”, the “cruises for contracts card” and the latest Caso Púnica special edition with a bumper pack of 51 Mayors and high ranking politicians.

(*Princess Cristina and Mariano Rajoy)

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