! Valencia Today – Vehicle Sales Increased By Nearly 14% In Valencia Region During June


The number of new cars and 4-by-4s sold in Spain during the first half of this year was over half a million for the first time since 2010, according to the associations of manufacturers, salesmen and concessionaires, Vehicle sales increased by nearly 14% in Valencia region during Juneindicating that the effects of the economic slump in the sector appear to have been overcome.

The total of 555,222 sales in the first six months of 2015 was 22% higher than in the equivalent period last year, an increase more than matched by the 23.5% rise to over 111,000 sales in the month of June This was the 22nd consecutive monthly year-on-year increase, and June was also the second time this year that monthly sales of over 100,000 have been reported.

The positive figures recorded nationwide were reflected in the Comunidad Valenciana in which 13,596 vehicle units were sold, an increase of 13.92% against the same month last year.

The Alicante Province accounted for the lion’s share of the sales, with 8,171 units, an improvement of 15% on the 7,103 units sold during June of 2014.

Valencia province recorded the highest percentage increase in unit sales, its 3,993 units a whopping 30.83% higher than the 3,052 of June 2014.

In Castellón Province sales improved by 22.7%, bringing the total number of units sold in the proivince so far this year to 66,572. Although the volumes of vehicles registered is lower, Valencia province recorded the best year to date improvement, having increased the number of matriculations by 32.7% in the first six months of the year.

Alicante Province has now sold 35,549 units so far this year, an increase of 17.13% and in Castellón the 9,411 units sold represent an increase of 23.%% over the same period last year, so all in all, good healthy results for the vehicles sector in the Comunidad Valenciana.

Some analysts are now confident that the car industry is taking on a leading role in the country’s overall economic recovery.

Better still for the sector is that those involved believe that there is still the potential for further growth due to the gradual increase in disposable income among members of the public, although there are also cautious reminders of the fragility of the current growth, which is being driven in part by the government’s eighth and final (so they say, although they’ve said the same thing for the previous 7 editions) PIVE scrappage deal campaign.

The June figures show that sales to private owners increased by 25% to 50,597, while company purchases rose 41.5% to 27,765. Rental company sales went up by 9.7% to 32,971, and in these categories the year-to-date increases over the first six months of this year have been 22.9%, 33% and 11.5% respectively.

So far in 2015 the best-selling makes of car have been Volkswagen, Seat and Opel, while the most popular individual models are the Seat León, the Seat Ibiza and the Citroën C4. As many as 63.6% of new cars sold have been diesel-powered, while only 1.5 are electric or hybrid models.

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