Coronavirus Valencia : Ximo Puig’s message before the arrival of the Holy Week

The Comunitat lives the end of the third wave of coronavirus and with favorable data, but the threat of a fourth wave is still present and experts warn of it. In addition, neighboring countries like Italy have just decreed a new radical confinement by the exponential rise of cases due, in part, to the new strains. Valencia lives this week its most festive days and together with Easter, will join almost 20 days of vacation that can worsen the situation.

Regarding this, the ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has highlighted the “enormous effort” that Valencian society has made to reduce the incidence of covid after the third wave and has asked for Easter the “maximum prudence”. in order to be able to “cement” and “stabilize” this situation of “low risk”.

In these terms has referred to the head of the Consell to be asked by journalists in Alicante, on whether hotel reservations will serve as “safe conduct” for the entry of domestic tourists to the Comunitat Valenciana.

Italy returns to depression with total confinement

“We have to be able to reach the summer with the best possible epidemiological situation, because that is going to guarantee both economic and social recovery, as well as allowing us to continue saving lives,” Puig has indicated.

He has also recalled that there is a decision taken by all the autonomous communities in Spain to “extreme caution” in the next Easter and thus “consolidate” what has been done so far. “More than a month ago we had an incidence of almost 1,500 cases, now is below 50in a low-risk situation.

Therefore, at the risk of a possible fourth wave, Puig has argued that “we need to be able to cement and stabilize this situation.” In the same vein, has indicated that there are still 700 people admitted to hospitalsThe hospital has improved a lot, but we need to improve even more, and to do that we need to guarantee emergency space.

Also, with regard to the possibility of displacements in the next holiday period, he has pointed out that. “the more mobility, the more contact and the more contagion.”. “Now there is an agreement that we can not happen again what has happened to us on previous occasions, we must maintain this situation and that requires effort by all, and also the economic sectors who will continue to help them,” he concluded.

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