Crime in Valencia : Woman found dead with signs of violence in l’Alcúdia de Crespins

The Guardia Civil has arrested a 19-year-old and her boyfriendThe Spanish authorities have been investigating the death of the woman’s mother after finding her mummified body in the bathtub of her home in the Valencian town of l’Alcúdia de Crespins. The suspect lived with the body for four months despite the stench of advanced decomposition.

The macabre find took place yesterday morning after the victim’s daughter confessed to the crime to a friend. This young woman then spoke to another boy in the village about the violent death and the latter then went to the Guardia Civil to denounce the serious events and tell everything he knew.

In April and May, some neighbours noticed a strong stench on some floors of the building where the young detainee and her mother lived, but they did not suspect that it came from a decomposing body.

The woman died at the beginning of April after being stabbed in the middle of the confinement because of the pandemicAccording to the first investigations of the Guardia Civil and the statements of the young people arrested. The body was in a mummified state, so the coroner could not specify an approximate date of death, although he determined that the victim had been dead for three or four months.

Mother and daughter lived in the house where the crime took place, specifically in a block of flats in Miguel Hernández Street in l’Alcúdia de Crespins, while the boyfriend used to frequent the house on weekends. Neighbors saw the young man on numerous occasions when he entered the house or left the building in the company of his girlfriend. The woman is a Bulgarian national and has been living in the municipality for 20 years.

According to the neighbors, the Civil Guard was scheduled to enter the house on Wednesday, but could not do so until half past ten yesterday morning. After finding the body with signs of violence, the agents notified the Homicide Group of the Guardia Civil in Valencia, which took charge of the investigations.

The young woman in custody led the neighbours to believe that her mother had gone away on a trip

The two young people arrested were taken to different barracks at the armed institute to be held incommunicado and interrogated separately. One of them stated that the victim had been stabbed to death in early April. Investigators are now trying to clarify the motive for the crime and why they did not decide to dispose of the body.

The Civil Guard interrogated the young man on Wednesday night and detained him before even discovering the mummified body, according to neighbors. His girlfriend was present at the search of the house and the removal of the body after she was arrested and accused of murder. The body was taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine in Valencia for an autopsy.

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