Godella and Carcaixent Peace Courts temporarily closed due to lack of personnel by Covid

The Peace Courts in the Valencian towns of Godella and Carcaixent have temporarily closed because of the lack of personnel due to Covid-19. Their functions will be assumed by the Civil Registries of Paterna and Alzira respectively, as reported by the High Court of Justice of the Valencian Community on its official Twitter account.

Thus, the Court of Peace of Godella is temporarily closed due to the confinement of the personnel who provide the service in its facilities. The president of the TSJCV, Olive PillarOn Friday, the Ministry of Health issued an emergency agreement for the minimum essential services of this body to be provisionally taken over by the Paterna Civil Registry.

Similarly, it has agreed this Monday the temporary closure of the Court of Peace of Carcaixent also for not having staff because of the coronavirus. In this case, their functions will be provisionally assumed by the Civil Registry of Alzira.

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