Renfe offers 220,000 Ave and Long Distance seats with discounts of up to 50% in July, August and September

As of this Monday, Renfe offers a total of 220,000 seats on Ave and Long Distance trains with discounts of up to 50% for travel during the months of July, August and September. The ‘I’m going to summer’ campaign. Travel again’ allows you to buy tickets while stocks last with the prices and conditions of the Promo+ fare, which provides flexibility in changes and cancellations.

The discounts of this promotion, to travel until September 30thThe prices of the products are variable, so that customers can find all kinds of offers, with discounts of up to 50%, reported Renfe in a statement.

Among the offers of Renfe for this summer, there are also promotional prices for couples (2×1 in Tourist + half price) and for families and small groups (4×100 or 4×120 euros). Discounts and offers are variable depending on the line of Ave, Alvia and Euromed concerned.

Tickets are on sale through the usual channels (, face-to-face and virtual travel agencies, Renfe Ticket, stations, telephone sales and post offices).

Renfe’s “priority” objective is to offer passengers “maximum security and confidence” when travelling and “thus recover their mobility habits in railway transport”. For this reason, the company continues to strengthen cleaning and disinfection procedures for all trainsThe aim is to provide a safe environment during the trip.

These procedures for cleaning and disinfecting trains, as well as the various boarding, disembarkation and on-board measures carried out by Renfe, have made it possible to obtain the AENOR certificate against COVID-19 for passenger transport.

In addition, Renfe has implemented an en-route sanitation maintenance service for Ave and Long Distance trains, which begins before the train departs, with the sanitization of passenger contact points in the car access process (push-button panels, handles, door frames, etc.).

Inside the train and during the journey, the maintenance staff is responsible for maintaining the hygienic conditions of the common areas. In addition, at intermediate stops they check the table or back table of the seats that are left free, the armrests of the seats and the replacement of the heads.

This work is in addition to that already carried out on empty trains, which are disinfected at the beginning and end of the service, in order to “ensure extreme health and hygiene conditions” and “offer passengers a safe environment when travelling”. All passengers will also receive wipes and/or hydroalcoholic gel during check-in, and gel dispensers will be available in the toilets of all trains.

Also, Renfe has introduced improvements in the ventilation of the interior of trainsThe number of complete air renewals in cars, which are carried out every 7 minutes, is increasing.

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