Residences without anti-virus measures fined 60,000 euros

valencia. Penalty regime against the noncompliance of the prevention measures against Covid-19 in the Valencian social services. Under this name, the plenary session of the Consell will approve today the new regulation set by the Conselleria de Igualdad and addressed to monitoring of non-compliance with anti-coronavirus measures in residencesThe following are some of the institutions that have been set up in the country: day centres, centres for minors and other social establishments. And it does so with a firm hand, with sanctions of up to 60,000 euros for those centers that comment very serious infringements. “Repeatedly skipping confinement, keeping a worker positive or showing symptoms of VIDOC-19, skipping capacity limitations, or activities that involve crowding of people and create a risk of transmission of coronaviruses that can affect more than 10 people, especially over 65, with functional diversity or mental health problems“are the behaviours that the new loyal text is going to typify as ‘very serious’.

The Health Department recommends tests in residences that the Council is not considering

The same attitudes, although with fewer people at risk, or a specific breach of a confinement, are noted in the decree as severe infringements, punishable by a fine of 600 to 30,000 euros. The new legal text also includes minor infringements, with fines of up to 600 euros, for breaches of capacity, lack of “.hygiene and prevention measures and bypassing confinement measures for residents and visitors who have not tested positive but are in direct contact with a person who has tested positive for coronavirus.

The residences were also the subject of a press conference held yesterday by the Minister of Health. As Ana Barceló pointed out, her department is preparing a resolution that will again allow for the suspension of visits and departures of inmates of residences in those centers that are located in municipalities or health departments with a higher incidence of coronavirus infections.

“This decision will be justified at all times by a epidemiological investigation“and “a resolution will be approved for each specific case,” said the Minister of Health. Asked if the council already handles any specific data on how many or what these residences can be, Barcel√≥ replied that noThe following week, we will see what those residences might be.

Health authorities confirm a further 177 new infections and 18 outbreaks of coronavirus in the Valencia Region

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