Restrictions Valencia | The proposals of the hotel and catering industry to reopen bars in the Valencia Region

The Confederation of Hotel and Tourism Businesses of the Valencia Region (CONHOSTUR) which brings together the employers’ Federation of Hotel and Catering Business of Valencia (Hostelería Valencia), the Provincial Association of Hotel and Tourism Businessmen of Castellón (ASHOTUR) and the Federation of Hotel and Catering Business of the Province of Alicante (FEHPA) will attend this afternoon the second meeting of the working table convened by the Conselleria de Sanidad to address the de-escalation jointly with the hospitality and leisure sector.

The new measures that Puig may announce on Thursday: everything that would change next week (and what not) in the Comunitat.

Faced with the proposal of the Generalitat to raise only the opening of terraces, from CONHOSTUR consider “insufficient for the sector this proposal”, since “it does not meet the expectations of the business community, which after 40 days of closure, hopes to start a reopening with conditions that make viable activity”. From the entity demand opening conditions that are “at least the same as at the time of closure”.as they have detailed in a statement.

CONHOSTUR will move to the meeting this afternoon a working proposal to address the first phase of de-escalation in which, starting from the situation prior to the closurethe following aspects are the main ones to be considered:

– The reopening of the terraces maintaining safety distances

-An interior capacity of the establishments with, at least, an occupancy of 30% and a number of diners per table of 6 people.

– Extend the closing hours of catering establishments, adapting them to those indicated by the curfew time restriction.

– To maintain the exceptions currently contained in the ordinance with respect to the delivery to work during the opening hours of the establishment until 01.30 am.

The entity states that reopening could be optional for each establishment in such a way as to ensure that those businesses which by their characteristics are not going to be able to have viability with these conditions, they can maintain the ERTE of impediment until progress on the de-escalation plan.

“The hotel and catering industry has to be given value as a safe spaces for socializing“CONHOSTUR points out that in these establishments “strict compliance with prevention measures is guaranteed, unlike what happens in the private sphere where measures are relaxed”. The entity clarifies that the objective of the hoteliers is “to be able to open so as not to have to close again».

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