The industrial estates of l’Horta reduce their turnover by 14% by the pandemic

The business areas of l’Horta improve their forecasts on the effect of the pandemic and point to a drop in turnover of 14%.This is a far cry from the initial forecast of 51%. This recovery of expectations is one of the data emerging from the second survey conducted by the Federation of Business Polygons of the Valencian Community (Fepeval), with the collaboration of IVACE and KPI Controllers, on the effects of the crisis.

On the other hand, in connection with employmentin the first of the surveys held in April, a 13% drop in the workforce was expected, a figure that has now been reduced to 7.2%.with results similar to those of the rest of the business areas of the Valencian Community.

In some municipalities such as Picanya, Beniparrell or Parc Tecnològic Paterna, the companies even value the possibility of to maintain their workforce completely or to increase it slightlyThe figures for the reduction in turnover are also below average.

Other business areas such as Fuente del Jarro and Tactica in Paterna, Polígono del Mediterráneo (Albuixech and Massalfassar) and Torrent, show above-average decreases in turnover.However, staff cuts of more than 10% are not expected, which will mean a business commitment possibly motivated by a certain confidence in the recovery of the economy.

The consultation also reveals that to cope with the crisis arising from the pandemic, the companies of l’Horta are enhancing the improvement of processes to increase productivity, digital transformation or the development of new products and services. For its part, Demand to the administration a reduction or greater flexibility in terms of well as programmes to provide greater liquidity to SMEs, investment aid and aid for digitalisation.

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