The cumulative incidence in Alzira under 900 cases

The harsh restrictions introduced in all municipalities are having their effect and the new data update shows a general decline throughout the region of the Ribera. In Alzira the drop is from 510 to 388 active cases in recent days. There is also a reduction in the cumulative rate from 1,116 to 849 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Data that are repeated in other localities of the region such as. Guadassuar where the incidence is now below 700 cases. per 100,000 inhabitants when it exceeded 3,000 in mid-January.

However, from the consistories emphasize that this reduction should not serve for people to be confident because the virus remains uncontrolled and health centers saturated.

In Alzira local measures, like the autonomic, are in force until next February 15, at which time they will be reviewed and report on the continuity or change in the regional level.

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