The field hospital is already receiving patients

The field hospital located next to La Fe in Valencia has started today the hospital activity with the first admissions of patients Covid-19 with mild or moderate clinical situation, in order to alleviate the hospital care pressure of the acute centers of the province and in view of the upsurge of cases in recent weeks. In fact, the facility already has four patients.

Last week, the Regional Ministry of Health announced that 280 beds would be made available in the three field hospitals of the Region, of which a total of 120 correspond to the field hospital in Valencia. This last allocation can be extended to 356 if necessary.

Puig acknowledges that its measures

The patient referral procedure, coordinated by the Directorate General of Healthcare and agreed by all the acute care hospitals in the province, establishes that this field hospital, like its counterparts in Castellón and Alicante, will assist patients over 18 years old, non-dependent, with positive Covid-19 PCRThe patient should be able to return to the hospital if they have been in an acute hospital and are in the process of resolving their illness (in the case of respiratory failure, this should be correctable with low flows of oxygen). In some cases, patients may be admitted who, in addition to their clinical situation, their social or family situation does not allow them to maintain adequate isolation or they lack the necessary care at home.

This infrastructure is divided into different hospitalization units, which have nursing controls and medical consultations, equipped with the necessary equipment to care for patients on an individual basis, according to the Ministry. Also has oxygen intakes, X-ray points to use a portable X-ray machine and, if necessary, respirators. Similarly, the field hospital has bathrooms with showers for the cleanliness and hygiene of patients and professionals, add from Health.

Likewise, in the event of possible adverse weather situations, air conditioning systems have been strengthened so that the facility maintains the right temperature of comfort at all times, both for patients and health personnel.

Since its creation, different actions have been developed at the Valencia field hospital, the most outstanding being the PCR sample collection from Covid-19 as a support to the Primary Care teams of the Valencia La Fe Health Department.

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