The Local Police of l’Olleria studies the safest routes to schools.

From the Department of Road Safety and Traffic of the City Council of l’Olleria is working on the implementation of Safe School Roads in the municipality, routes with a more reinforced road signs that guide each of the schools in the municipality (CEIP Isabel la Católica, CEIP Manuel Sanchis Guarner, Escoleta Infantil Municipal and IES Vermellar), to make it safer for everyone.

The Local Police of l’Olleria has conducted a study of the routes most used by the students of the schools and their families, in order to. delimit these Safe School Paths. In each of them will be strengthened road signs (horizontal and vertical) for more caution. and drivers will be more aware of the presence of schoolchildren. Each of the schools, CEIP Isabel la Católica (blue), CEIP Manuel Sanchis Guarner (green), Escoleta Infantil Municipal (pink) and IES Vermellar (yellow), have been given an identifying colour so that, when we see the signs, we can distinguish which school route we are on. There are common streets in several school routes, which will contemplate the different colors in the same signs.

An initiative, which will be fully completed this week.

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