The Valencian Community, with no deaths and less than 100 admitted

The Comunitat Valenciana has registered in the last 24 hours eleven new cases of coronavirusbut again, no deaths, while 19 more discharges have been made According to the latest update of data from the Regional Ministry of Health, the 19 discharges of patients with the disease bring the total number of people cured to 13,755 since the beginning of the pandemic. By province, the total number of discharges is 1,640 in Castellón, 4,772 in Alicante and 7,338 in the province of Valencia. In addition to 5 not assigned to any province

Since Saturday’s update, 11 new cases of coronavirus infection have been detected, bringing the total to 11,404 since the start of the pandemicOf these, 2,211, or 12.7%, are currently active. By province, there have been no positive results in Castellón, with a total of 1,591and not in Alicante either, 3,940 in totalwhile nine new infections have been recorded in Valencia and sum 5,865 in total. In addition, there are two new unallocated positives and another six unallocated positives, but which were already accounted for.

The number of patients hospitalized throughout the Valencian Community is already below 100 (99) and ICU patients remain at 13. By province: 9 in Castellón, 1 of them in ICU; 37 in Alicante, 6 of them in ICU; and 53 in the province of Valencia, 6 of them in ICU.

No fatalities

After no deaths were reported in the last 24 hours, the number of people who have died of coronavirus since the start of the pandemic remains at 1,458, 223 in the province of Castellon, 507 in the province of Alicante and 728 in the province of Valencia. The number of health professionals registered is 2,256 and the total number of positive professionals at this time is 509.

The total number of tests carried out for the detection of coronavirus have been 391,501Of these, 277,168 have been through PCR and 114,333 through rapid test.

To date, there are a few positive cases of coronavirus in 50 residences in the Valencian CommunityThe number of people who have been affected by the project is: 7 in the province of Castellón, 13 in the province of Alicante and 30 in the province of Valencia. Since Saturday’s data update there have been no registrations no positives or deaths among residents nor has any case of contagion been reported among workers.

At present, the following are under active health control surveillance 28 residences in the Comunitat ValencianaThe total number of visitors is 8 in the province of Castellón, 7 in the province of Alicante and 13 in the province of Valencia.

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