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We offer targeted advertising to an English speaking audience for the Region of Murcia.

Our readership are those who live here, own property here or are researching the Region with a view to visiting or relocating. During 2011, more than 245,000 unique individuals used this site, more than 60% of them returning for multiple visits, with many residents visiting on an almost daily basis for the latest news and what’s on.

Put into context, the average print run for printed products trying to cover this region is 6,000 households and there is no other medium than the internet which can reach such a highly targeted and specific audience of individuals, both here and abroad, who have chosen to look for information specifically about the Region of Murcia.

We understand that each Business is unique and will have different needs for their advertising goals. For this reason we treat each business seperately and create packages that suit their individual needs and do not try to promote one size fits all.

Our programming is versatile and designed to adapt to your needs. Some businesses will only be targeting a localised, specific audience, whilst others will be trying to reach potential purchasers BEFORE they even arrive in the region. Some service providers will cover the whole region, others offer a specialised service to a niche market, so we adapt your package to fit your needs and your budgets.

We take our work and your business seriously, and will only recommend the options which are most suitable for your business.

We know our product, the region and the markets here well and will guide you to the best solutions and most economical method of reaching the readership we have, and the people most likely to buy your products.

And it´s not expensive.

Promotional packages start from as little as €5 per month.

We can create editorial copy, searchable in cyberspace for ever, rather than being used to light the fire after a week, which can help you build your own search engine weight.

We can create a permanent advertisement for you, searchable on the internet, which can help your potential clients locate you if somebody, somewhere mentioned your name.

We can promote specific events, and reach thousands of people at the click of a button via our weekly bulletin which is mailed directly into the homes of thousands of people who have asked to receive it. More people read this product on just one Friday of the month than the monthly circulation of even the longest established printed products.

During just one month, this product attracts more unique users than the combined circulation of the regional printed press who distribute here, yet our advertising rates are realistic and accessible to even the smallest business, and the tightest budgets.

If you want to know more, Call us on 968 018 268 or email : [email protected]

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