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As a fully qualified Professional Funeral Director, with 24 years experience, 7 of them in Spain, my priority first and foremost is to offer a complete service to the bereaved, but am often called upon to assist residents in practical preparations for the future. To this end I offer a range of practical options to facilitate these preparations, which are explained below

What are the services I offer to the bereaved

Pre-selection of funeral director and registration of intent.

Pre-paid funeral plans ( Golden Leaves)

Funeral Insurance.

Please do not hesitate to Call and discuss any issues that may concern you. I will be pleased to take your call.

Call Now 968 956 409 / 650 631 719

Please Scroll down the page to read about the options available.

Services for the bereaved

In my capacity as a funeral director, I offer a complete service to the family of the deceased, guiding the bereaved through the funeral process, and dealing with all the necessary regulatory matters as well as the funeral itself.

I will act in my professional capacity throughoutMurcia in any town where my services are required, irrelevant of funeral provider, funeral plan or insurance.

I am on call 24 hours a day, and, once contacted, will be with you every step of the way.

Once appointed I will deal with the necessary registration paperwork, bring the deceased to the chapel of rest pre-determined by yourself, and conduct preparations and service in a manner which you would expect from an experienced English trained professional.

i will organise every detail as you require, including hymns, poems, an English speaking minister and personalized service sheets, as well as arrange flowers, donations , funeral teas and be there with you throughout the service.

Afterwards I will collect all legal paperwork, certificates and ashes, presenting them to your specifications, and dedicate an obituary to your loved one.

My service is personal and discreet and you remain assured of my professionalism at all stages of the funeral process.

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