! Valencia Today – Cyber Bullfighting Campaigners Force Cancellation Of Algemesí Fiesta Concert


The town of Algemesí, in the south of the province of Valencia, is feeling the full wrath of anti-bullfighting Cyber bullfighting campaigners force cancellation of Algemesí fiesta concertcampaigners at the moment as its annual nine-day-long bullfighting fiestas draw to a close.

Last week the Town Hall found itself obliged to temporarily close down its Facebook page after hundreds of “attacks, insults and complaints” were posted in opposition to the bullfights, and on Saturday the concert by pop singer Edurne was cancelled after the 28-year-old unexpectedly pulled out.

The cancellation of Edurne’s concert was announced by Alaia Productions after she received hundreds of Twitter and Facebook messages condemning her participation in the Algemesí event and urging her to withdraw: some of the messages referred to the “torture of little calves” and to the “barbarism” of the local fiestas, and in the end the cancellation statement regretted the “inconvenience” but highlighted Edurne’s rejection of the maltreatment of animals.

Juan Manuel Borrás, the man in charge of evening entertainments during the fiestas, was aggrieved by the sudden cancellation of the concert, and speculated that if the event had been a concert in the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid the singer would have gone ahead with it as planned. Those who post threats on Facebook Cyber bullfighting campaigners force cancellation of Algemesí fiesta concertand Twitter, he says, are not the people who buy her discs or go to her concerts.
Group Camela also received threats and criticism via Twitter and Facebook, but nonetheless went ahead with their concert last Friday night.

The council have condemned an unauthorized protest by bullfighting opponents, who tore down posters advertising the bullfights in the town and caused several thousand euros worth of damage to council property, and have also begun legal action against one group who posted images online which alleged to show the suffering of bulls in the bullfights: these images, the council say, were not of the Algemesí bullfights and were designed to deliberately give a bad impression of the bullfights in the town.

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