! Valencia Today – Decomposed Corpse Locked In Torrevieja Bathroom To Keep Using Credit Cards


A bizarre discovery was made in July in Torrevieja following the death from a heart attack of a 51-year-old Finnish woman in a clothes shop, when officers of the Guardia Civil found the decomposed body of the Decomposed corpse locked in Torrevieja bathroom to keep using credit cardsvictim’s father locked in a sealed bathroom in her home.

The woman died in July when a shop assistant in Calle Zoa in Torrevieja saw her sitting on the steps outside the store, and enquired after her wellbeing. She replied that she was short of breath and suffered from a heart condition, and as he recognized her he invited her inside while he called the emergency services. Before an ambulance arrived, though, she suffered a full-blown heart attack and died.

Among the items found in her handbag were a set of keys and credit cards belonging to her father, and this promoted Guardia Civil officers to visit her home in Calle Ramón y Cajal in their efforts to contact a member of her family. However, no-one opened the door and the only sound inside was that of a dog barking, and they left to obtain authorization to open the door and investigate.

When they did so they found no fewer than 19 cats and a dog, and a home which was full of rubbish and in very poor condition. One of the inside doors had been sealed with packing tape and silicone, and the foul smell emanating from behind it was explained when they opened it and found the decomposing body of the woman’s father face down on the bathroom floor.

Further details regarding how long the man had been dead have not yet been established, but it has been confirmed that he was born in 1936 in Finland. Although the motives for the woman’s actions in concealing her father’s death have not been confirmed either, it is suspected that her intention was to continue spending his savings by using his credit cards.

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