! Valencia Today – Police Video Conference Cabin To Be Installed In Torrevieja


Torrevieja is to be equipped with one of the Policía Nacional’s innovative new Ofipol cabins, which are to be installed in public thoroughfares to allow members of the public to communicate directly with the forces of law Police video conference cabin to be installed in Torreviejaand order by video conference.

The Torrevieja Ofipol cabin is to be installed in August on the Paseo Vista Alegre, according to Francisco Martínez Vázquez, the Secretary of State for Security, who was in town to perform the official opening ceremony of the new Documentation and Foreigners Unit of the Policía Nacional at Calle Arquitecto Larramendi, nº 3. This will be only the second Ofipol cabin in Spain, the first being in Málaga, and is part of a Spanish initiative to change the way in which members of the public are attended to by the police. The idea is that anyone and everyone, including non-Spaniards and the disabled, should have access to in integrated system by which they can contact the police immediately at any time of day, every day of the year.

In order to make this possible the special cabins are equipped to allow video conferences through which Police video conference cabin to be installed in Torreviejadocumentation services can be reached and crimes reported without the need to go to the police station. The cabins are also designed to be easy to use and vandal-proof, and in the long run are expected to cut costs and make more efficient use of human and material resources.

Meanwhile, the main reason for Sr Martínez Vázquez’s visit was to open the new Documentation and Foreigners Unit, where passports and DNIs will be issued to Spaniards and those of foreign nationality will be able to deal with various aspects of official paperwork. With a staff of twelve it is hoped that the new offices will make life easier for all of those living and visiting in Torrevieja.

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