! Valencia Today – Two Arrested In Connection With Dismembered Body Found In Denia


A police investigation which began when a 59-year-old man disappeared in suspicious circumstances in Denia appears to be close to completion following two arrests which have been made in the last couple of Two arrested in connection with dismembered body found in Deniadays.

Suspicions of foul play were aroused when neighbours reported seeing blood stains on the stairs of the apartment block and inside the flat, as well as an unpleasant smell in the disappeared man’s home in Denia. Neighbours also reported seeing two men removing a sofa wrapped in sheets from the building. The first arrest was made on Friday afternoon, and shortly afterwards the dismembered head and body of the man were found in an orange grove in the Pamis area of Ondara, just a few kilometres inland from Denia. A cool box which is believed to have been used to transport the dismembered body to this location was also found, although one of the arms and both the legs of the deceased are yet to be located. One hand, upper arm and forearm were found at different locations in the Marina Alta area of Alicante on Saturday.

The man arrested accompanied the arresting officers to Ondara although it is not known whether he is thought to be the killer or an accomplice, and a second arrest was made on Saturday.

The autopsy carried out on the remains discovered has shown that the man died from asphyxiation and his body was dismembered afterwards, possibly using a saw and a machete which were found in his home although this theory is yet to be confirmed. The case is now being investigated by Court of Instruction Nº 1 in Denia.

On Monday the courts remanded the first person arrested on Friday without bail and permitted the second to be bailed on condition that they sign in with the courts on a regular basis.

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