Alicante allocates two million to redevelopment works of the Jijona Avenue

The municipal government of Alicante will approve next Tuesday at the local meeting the project of road and pedestrian improvement of the environment of the avenue of Jijonabetween San Carlos Street and Gran Vía, by means of an redevelopment of sidewalks and roadways. The project has an initial budget of 2.3 million euros and an expected completion time of six months..

The initiative provides for the. reduction from three lanes of traffic to two with the aim of widening sidewalks and “making the routes more inclusive”. In addition, the bus-only lane will be maintained to improve access to bus stops and reduce the length of crossings at pedestrian crossings.

All these modifications, which will be carried out with a new decontaminating pavement, contemplate the. planting of trees and urban landscaping. throughout the area and the renovation of the lighting throughout the avenue and adjacent streets. All this, in order to improve the environment of the city and “maintain the type of improvements made in other actions,” according to municipal sources.

The councilman of Urbanism, Adrián Santoshas assured that with this action is proposed to improve the area of Avenida Jijona to “give it a more friendly, comfortable and accessible for both drivers and pedestrians”. “It will generate a space that vertebre the area between Cigarreras, Campoamor and Carolinas Bajas,” he said.

Scope of action

The scope of action includes the section of Jaime Segarra Street between the intersection with Jijona Avenue and the intersection with the beginning of Maestro Alonso Street, as well as the pedestrian street Hermanos Soto Chapuli and the pedestrian section of Francisco Verdú Street. In addition, it includes the possible conversion of the fuel pump at the intersection of Avenida Jijona and Maestro Alonso into a green area.provided that it is feasible to remove it from the urban area and depending on the state of the concession of the installation, which will be determined by the execution project to be drawn up.

This is an action of a linear dimension of about 1,235 meters of road and with an area of roadways and pedestrian sidewalks of approximately 27,374 square meters.

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