Alicante police abort two bottles at dawn

Agents of the Local Police of Alicante have intervened this morning to end two meetings of youth groups in the city of Alicante and on the beach of Urbanova, which have resulted in the lifting of 10 minutes of penalty for alcohol consumption in public and one for drugs.

Officers have had to intervene in the early hours of the morning to discourage several groups of young people from drinking in public. Around 1:10 a.m., a group of young people were intervening in the stairs of the Jorge Juan Institute, where there were six records for alcohol consumption and one for drug use and possession.

A little later, around 5:00 a.m, the agents detected another group in the area of Urbanova, where several young people were drinking alcohol on the sand of the beach, using chairs from a bar-restaurant on the promenade. The intervention resulted in the washing of four records of alcohol consumption, while the young people were required to return the furniture used to their place of origin.

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