Carlet closes the day center and suspends residential visits in light of the increase in cases

The Carlet Town Hall has announced that preventive measures will be put in place in the face of the increase in cases of Covid-19 in the town. From Public Health it has been reported that the September 2-15 cumulative data on active coronavirus cases is about 100 people.

Faced with this increase, Public Health has identified several prevention measures to avoid the spread of the virus in the most vulnerable people. These measures include the closure of the day centre for 10 days, after which the situation will be evaluated.

In addition, La Llum and the Elderly Residences have suspended visits and departures from the centres for the next 15 days.

In this regard, the City of Carlet, following the indications, will reinforce the disinfection of public spaces and facilities and urge the security forces, local police and Guardia Civil, to implement the regulations in a comprehensive manner.

In any case, from Public Health warning that if the case escalation process continues, more restrictive measures will have to be takenas has been done in other populations.

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