Four Coronavirus Positives in Fontcalent Prison Force 26 Inmates to Be Confined

A a total of 26 inmates who were in the nursing area of the Fontcalent penitentiaryIn Alicante, four prisoners from the same area were isolated from the rest after testing positive for covid-19.

Prison sources have reported that this situation arises from the fact that last weekend a health worker from the same Nursing Station tested positive for coronavirus and PCR tests will be performed on all inmates.

Of the 30 prisoners in that department, four have tested positive and the remaining 26 negative, although the latter have been quarantined without living in common with the rest of the prison population to prevent the spread.

The positives have been isolated, too, and One of them has been referred to the prison’s referral hospital, General de Alicante, for having other pathologies and to minimize the risk of complications. In addition, two more modules of Fontcalent have been preventively isolated, according to Penitentiary Institutions.

On the other hand, the same sources have pointed out that another inmate who was taken to the city’s general hospital last August with pneumonia has died Last night, though, he insisted on Prisons, in this case the patient was negative for PCR, so he did not have the covid-19.

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