Change of DTT frequencies in several municipalities in the province of Valencia

From the Next June 24, the change of frequencies in digital terrestrial television (DTT) will affect several municipalities in ValenciaThe broadcasting centre affected will be Serra. The population affected will be 2,101 inhabitants.

As there is no simulation period, it is urgent to contact an authorized installer to proceed with the adaptation of the antenna to the new technical requirementsThe only way to keep tuning in to RTVE’s programs: Clan and Teledeporte

What does the Second Digital Dividend involve?

The process of releasing the Second Digital Dividend will not lead to the appearance or disappearance of television channels, they simply shift in frequency. Nor does it bring the obsolescence of televisions or DTT decoders. Also, depending on its type, in some buildings it will not be necessary to adapt the TV signal reception facilitiesWhere this is necessary, citizens will not have to bear any cost, as they will be able to apply for the public aid provided for. In any case, it is advisable to consult an authorised aerialist as soon as possible in order to avoid last-minute crowding.

However, regardless of the type of signal reception equipment in the buildings, all citizens must retune their televisions to be able to enjoy the full range of DTT.

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