Coronavirus in Valencia: last minute and today’s news about outbreaks and contagion in the Comunitat

Yesterday, the Valencian Community recorded 463 new infections of Covid-19 confirmed by PCR test, one death from this disease and 24 outbreaks, according to the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health on Wednesday. The total number of positives in this region is 25,491 people and the total number of deaths is 1,518 people.

The number of new infections in Spain from covid-19 is steadily increasing as the week progresses. Yesterday, the Ministry of Health reported that 479,554 people have or have suffered from covid-19. That is, diagnostic tests detected 8,581 new SARS-CoV-2 virus carriers compared to the previous report published by the Salvador Illa department, which showed a similar increase in cases (8,115) on Tuesday. If we look at the last week, the health system has detected 47,423 new infections. Three out of ten cases (14,290) are from the Community of Madrid.

13.27 The Andalusian Government expects to start the vaccination against covid-19 at the end of December or early January, when it expects 250,000 to 300,000 doses to start vaccinating those most at risk, as announced this Thursday by the Minister of Health, Jesus Aguirre.

13.02 A positive in Covid-19 among the educational community has set off alarms in Tavernes de la Valldigna. A teacher from the Alfàndec school has tested positive for coronavirus which leaves the return to the classrooms in the air scheduled for next week.

12.22 The increase in cases of coronavirus is continuing and is increasingly affecting small towns. In Novetlé, on the Costera, the mayor, Rafael Vila, has reported that he has tested positive for Covid-19 and is complying with the quarantine. In a statement to neighbours he explains that for the moment he has no symptoms and is working from home.

11.46 Xirivella fears that private encounters during local festivals will lead to new outbreaks

11:08 The spokesman for Podem-EU in the Castelló Town Hall, Fernando Navarro, has been isolated in his house since last week after testing positive for Covid-19 by his flatmate.

09.56 The Minister of Health, Salvador IllaYou see right now no need for widespread confinement of the populationThe government does not see the viability of a “perimeter confinement” of Madrid due to the increase in contagion, as occurred in March with the covid-19 pandemic.

“Now the perimeter confinement of Madrid does not proceed,” said Illa in an interview in Ser Catalunya when asked about the statements of the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, who said yesterday that 80% of the cases of contagion in the community come to them “from the viral radioactive bomb that was planted in Madrid.

09.30 Children can have covid-19 antibodies and, at the same time, the coronavirus that causes it, according to research whose next phase will be to test whether the virus that is present along with the antibodies can be transmitted to other people, says a study in the Journal of Pedriatrics.

09.00 The City of Torrevieja has canceled the serological tests to the 1,100 teachers of the municipality that had planned to do in the afternoon after receiving a letter from Health that prohibited them from conducting the tests. The council stated that it was complying with the decision of the Generalitat, after consulting with the Legal Department and concluding that, in the event of not complying with the mandate, it could incur in the crime of disobedience.

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