Coronavirus Valencia : New outbreaks detected in the Region

Twenty-three new outbreaks were detected this Tuesday, September 1, in the Comunitat, most of them in Valencia and of social origin. In particular, there have been 13 outbreaks in the capital ranging from 3 to 6 cases. Only three are of occupational origin.

There are also new outbreaks in Orihuela (3 cases, of social origin), in Castelló (4 cases, of social origin), Banyeres de Mariola (3 cases, of social origin), Torrevieja (3 cases, of social origin), Castalla (7 cases, of social origin), Gandia (5 cases, of labour origin) and Ibi (3 cases, of social origin).

Municipalities with coronavirus in Valencia, Alicante and Castellón: official list of outbreaks and infections of the Conselleria de Sanitat

The Comunitat Valenciana has registered 902 new infections of Covid-19 and seven dead on the last day and the Councillor for Health, Ana Barceló, stressed that curbing the virus “requires the individual commitment of each and every citizen, who must play their part in the fight against the pandemic”. “If not, we will not be able to control the transmission of the virus,” she warned.

In a statement, the Health Department reported 902 new infections of coronavirus confirmed by PCR test, bringing the total number of positive results to 25,028. By province, there are 78 new positive results in Castellón (2,736 in total), 237 in the province of Alicante (7,685 in total) and 584 in the province of Valencia (14,603 in total). In addition, there are still four unassigned cases.

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