Everything that is known about the curfew in Valencia: times and dates, prohibitions, exceptions…

The curfew in the Comunitat Valenciana is beginning to be closer and the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has already advanced some specific aspects of how it will be. The start date is not definitive, but the end date is: until after the December holiday. This is what we know so far, since the implementation of the curfew has been postponed pending a legal report (this news will be updated as more information is announced):

– Start date – Curfew will be implemented when there is legal coverage to do so.

– Completion date: December 9.

– Opening hours: from 00.00 to 06.00

– Prohibitions: you cannot be on the street during these hours unless there is a justified reason, such as going to work.

– Exceptions: the situation will not affect workers on the night shift. The curfew limits movements during the hours when it is established, but the rest of the day the activity will be as normally established.

The idea is that the curfew will last until December 9 to reach Christmas with low figures of infections by coronavirus that allow compatibility with greater mobility of citizens for the holidays. For the moment, Valencia City Council has already cancelled Expojove and the New Year’s Eve party and is considering what to do about the Three Kings’ Parade.

The reason for the curfew is to limit social contact, preventing the holding of bottles and private parties in houses.

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