Moncada will invest nearly one million euros in public spaces and buildings

With an investment of 921,000 euros, coming from the plan of the Provincial Government, the City Council of Moncada will undertake actions for the conditioning of roads in the urban area and in the various districts and urbanizations, such as the re-surfacing, widening of pavements, installation of street furniture or improvement of public facilities.

The bulk of the investment will be used to renovate pavements and create pedestrian areas in various parts of the municipality. Thus, in the bPilar River79,979, will be extended and paved sidewalks and the children’s play area will be adapted. In addition, in the Father Daniel Comboni AvenueWith an investment of 139,389 euros, the pedestrian path will be improved and gym equipment will be placed in the green area.

On the other hand, in the Germanías Avenue two plots will be expropriated to be used as public roads, for which 183,922 euros have been reserved from the Plan. Also in the town centre, in the Plaza Emilio Ramón Llin and Calle Valencia the garden area will be paved and the children’s play area will be adapted with another 87,034 euros.

In Masías different performances are contemplatedThe project includes the paving of some streets, the replacement of sidewalks and the creation of a parking area. These interventions will be carried out with an economic amount of 245,979 euros.

Silk Museum

Also noteworthy is the investment of a total of 157,382 euros in the building renovation and conservation of the Silk Museum (formerly the Garin Factory). Specifically, accessibility will be improved and the bathrooms will be built. In addition, works will be carried out to adapt the building to convert it into a museum collection and the facades will be restored.

The subsidy is completed with 27,317 euros that will be assigned to the drafting of the Urban Plan of Municipal Action (Puama).

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