Galiana accumulates 105 minor contracts despite the failure of the Fallas

The councillor of the popular group, Santiago Ballester, yesterday asked the mayor Joan Ribó to apply “a radical turn” to the management model of the area of Festive Culture in the City Council of Valencia. He stressed that he continues to look the other way with the “situation of chaos in this delegation, which is going to worsen day after day, in a management that should be processed in advance and adjusted to law in acts of the City Council with decades of tradition as the parade of kings.

At the end of February 2020 the mayor of Compromís, Carlos Galiana, assumed the competences of Festive Culture after the departure of the previous responsible, Pere Fuset. From that moment until the first week of January 2021, 105 minor contracts have been signed in this delegation, without public competition from companies, for a value of 432,900 euros. “Only in three quarters, since the replacement has made more than a hundred minor contracts despite the failure of the Fallas,” he said.

Ribó has recorded more than 15,000 minor contracts with an expenditure of more than 87 million euros. In view of these data, the mayor criticized “the excessive use of this type of contract” and stressed that “it is precisely for this reason that no prior audit control should have been eliminated in 2016”.

The Reports made by the General Intervention of the City Council on the control of the public sector recommend that in the acquisitions of goods and services over 6,000 euros “at least three offers should be requested”, since according to them “in view of the principle of good management, the request for several offers means justifying in a reasonable manner the obtaining of the most advantageous one for the public administration”.

On the other hand, the popular has asked for explanations about the hiring with a company of a member of Compromís, that in three years has invoiced more than 64,000 euros with the City council of Valencia in contracts to finger and without contest. “Ribó will have to explain why this company from Castellón was hired from a member of Compromís without public tender or free competition”.

One of these contracts was for the reception of the Three Kings on the 5th, which generated great controversy due to the saturation of the surrounding area of the Town Hall with more than a thousand people despite the risk of contagion from Covid-19. The four direct orders amounted to 40,000 euros.

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