The PSPV, destined to a new transfer of headquarters because of the works in the current building

The national leadership of the PSPV is looking for new party headquarters. The building that the formation led by Ximo Puig has occupied for three years at number 48 of Avenida del Oeste will soon begin a process of reforms that will end in the transformation of part of the current building, which will be used as an aparthotel. PSPV sources confirmed yesterday to this newspaper that the communication that the property of the building has been transferred to the party confirms that these works will affect the building from the third floor – the socialist headquarters is occupied on the fourth -, so it will be necessary to move the current headquarters, despite even the fact that the first two floors of the building will be used for offices.

The date of the transfer is not yet official – there is speculation about the month of May, although it will be the property that will specify it to the Socialists – but the management of the PSPV assures that the search for a new headquarters is already advanced, in the same area as the current one. So? The Socialists, who since they left the historic headquarters located in Albacete Street have already passed through a number of properties -including the one located next to the Serranos Towers- signed a five-year lease (until 2023) with the current owner. As they will have to leave the building before the end of this period -and although the property assures that the office building and the part of the aparthotel will have different accesses- the magnitude of the works to be undertaken in the building advises the Socialists to abandon it. However, the plan with which the PSPV management is working is to look for a provisional location for the headquarters and, as soon as the works are finished, to return to number 48 of the Avenida del Oeste to finish the two years of contract that remain to be fulfilled. The exit would not affect the provincial management headed by Mercedes Caballero, whose headquarters are located at number 50 of the same avenue.

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