Healthcare will slow down the pace of the first doses in the Community and prioritize the second

Health has been forced to stop this week, and possibly the following, the administration of the first dose against Covid-19 in the Comunitat Valenciana and will focus on puncture the memory of people who started the immunization process last December 27.

The decision is taken by the department headed by the Councillor Ana Barceló forced by the announcement of the Pfizer Pharmaceuticals that it will decrease the supply of vials until the first weeks of February to readjust its production capacity from 1.3 billion to 2 billion doses.


The Health Department is keeping 7,000 vials for the second dose for the first vaccinated residents.

Priority, second vaccine

Inoculation of the first vaccine is slowed down and priority is given to the second vaccine over those already vaccinated.

New funding

The government will send 56% of the doses. In the case of the Comunitat, from 31,000 to about 17,000.

Administered doses

Healthcare has administered 86,927 doses out of the 94,350 received, 92.1%.

Since vaccination began in Spain, the Conselleria de Sanidad has received 94,350 dosesIt has used 92% of these to inoculate half of the elderly in nursing homes and practically all the public health staff. The Ministry of Health said that it is going to to reduce the number of vials to 56%. which are referred to the autonomous regions on a weekly basis. This means that the Community will go from 31,000 doses to about 17,300. However, the Council assumes that Illa will provide more doses to the regions that so far have been more efficient in carrying out the vaccination, as proposed by the President of the Generalitat, Ximo PuigAlthough the initiative was initially rejected by the Minister Illa.

This confidence was shown by the Ministry of Health and also by the First Vice-President, Monica Oltrawho claimed on social networks that this is an initiative of his coalition. However, the department headed by the Councillor Ana Barceló It is not yet known how many more vaccines will arrive this Monday, apart from the 17,000 that are supposedly guaranteed, although they are aware that the number will be nowhere near the 31,000 that were received weekly.

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, said yesterday that the government has made adjustments in order to “ensure that all those who received the first dose in the first week of vaccination” can receive the second dose.

The second vaccine, starting today

The Ministry of Health insisted yesterday that it has stored about 7,000 doses So next week’s vaccination, the one that will be the booster dose, is “guaranteed” for those who were vaccinated in the last week of last year: about 5,000, including residents and workers in nursing homes where there were no active cases of coronavirus.

Today, the inoculation of this second booster vaccine for immunization begins. On 27 December, seven centres were vaccinated and nearly 700 people were inoculated. The first was Batiste Martí, 81, of the Rafelbunyol municipal nursing home.

As the Ministry of Health does not know how many vials it will receive, although they estimate that they could be the equivalent of about 20,000 doses, the intention, according to the sources consulted, is to be more conservative when it comes to vaccination and to save in order to be able to apply a second dose to those who already have the first, if the problems in the supply of the vaccine are finally prolonged.

If the Health Department finally receives 20,000 doses tomorrow, with the more than 5,000 it has stored since the beginning, it would have reserves for three weeks, according to the Ana Barceló department. However, they are confident that Pfizer will increase the number of doses between the end of February and March.

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