Moncada will analyse the waste water for traces of Covid-19

The plenary meeting of Moncada approved a motion of the Citizens proposing to analyse the waste waters in order to detect Covid-19. The Councillor of the Orange formation, María José Martínez explains that “it is a matter of anticipating in order to be able to act in a more efficient way against the virus”, while arguing that “According to experts, wastewater data are anticipated by one to four days before hospital admissions and 6-8 days before positive tests.

Therefore, “a simple analytical test in each of our nursing homes could quickly detect that the virus has snuck into one of them. “This way, we could take the appropriate measures to carry out PCR on workers and residents, and proceed to the immediate tracking and isolation of those infected,” says Martinez.

He adds that “we also it is planned to analyse samples from the strategically chosen collectors to observe on which areas of Moncada the virus may have arrived and to what extent it affects our population”. For the mayor of Cs, “with this measure we show that, although the local administrations have less competences than the regional administration in the fight against the pandemic, we are also doing an important job to the extent of our possibilities”.

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