Ontinyent to increase annual grant to Alzheimer’s association to 63% over the next 4 years

The City Council of Ontinyent will renew the agreement with the Association of Relatives of the Sick and Alzheimer’s Disease of Ontinyent (AFAO), in a document that will be discussed at the municipal plenary session this Thursday, and which proposes a progressive increase in the annual subsidy to the entity while it is in force.

The Councillor for People Policy, Paula Soler, explained that, once the previous agreement had expired, and when considering the renewal, “we have taken into account the technical reports that show the progressive increase in the need for additional support to AFAO, given the great social interest of its activity and the growth of the people using its services, as well as the expenses. Social policy has always been one of this government’s priorities, and we want to continue working along those lines,” he said.

Thus, the agreement provides for a progressive increase in the annual nominative grant received by the entity, which in 2019 was 50,800 euros, until 82,800 in 2023. A total of 8,000 euros per year that would continue to be contemplated if the agreement were extended to its legal maximum of 8 years as provided for in the agreement.

The plenary session is also expected to approve the payment of 50% of the grant for this year, once the agreement is signed and to appoint as representatives of the City Council in the Monitoring Committee the Councillor for People Policy and the Coordinator of the Social Welfare area.

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