The Xàtiva Red Cross carried out 4,642 activities within the Pandemic Response Plan

The local Red Cross group in Xàtiva has presented the council’s Social Welfare department with a balance of its response plan to the coronavirus, with all the actions taken since last February. Thus, until May 31st, the Red Cross carried out a total of 4,642 activities.

A total of 474 health prevention calls were handled, in addition to 1,869 deliveries of basic necessities and 337 follow-up calls to people living alone. There were also 35 training actions, 159 direct care and psychological support and 1,943 deliveries of products to people at risk.

The Red Cross intends to reach more than 3,500 people in Xàtiva by next December.

“For us, the Red Cross is being a key social agent, even more so with the situation we have gone through with the decree of alarm with which there have been emergency situations in many families and vulnerable people,” said the Councillor for Social Welfare, Xelo Angulo, who congratulated the association “for the work it has done and for its dedication, especially in such a difficult time as we are going through.

The Red Cross also presented its annual report for 2019, a year in which it intervened with a total of 8,713 people, of whom 3,601 were assisted and 5,112 took part in awareness-raising activities.

The association has also highlighted that more than half of the investment goes to people in situations of extreme vulnerability, despite the fact that immigrants and the elderly are also helped, investing in awareness-raising, recruitment and management of volunteers, social intervention and inclusion, and both internal and external training.

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