Primary care doctors warn of “absolute lack of control” of the virus

The current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic is in a moment of “absolute lack of control, both in terms of the number of new cases as well as hospitalizations and deaths,” according to the Primary Care Physicians Forum, which has warned that the group is under “enormous pressure with monitoring of active cases, traceability of infections and diagnostic tests of active infection in addition to contact tracing.

The Forum points out that the case containment measures currently being promoted “are not succeeding in containing the unstoppable advance of cases secondary to contacts these holidays. There are more and more cases to be managed from an overloaded primary care”.

“Despite the fact that the health authorities reiterate that we are on the verge of collapse, the reality is that the collapse has already existed for several weeks and will continue to do so after the contagion of the Christmas holidays,” they said in a statement.

In the opinion of the entity, it is necessary to rethink the “current containment measures and impose new measures that they manage to slow down the progress of cases to save lives and not to save Christmas.

Finally, they noted that it is important “to contain the advance of cases through new measures and that this third epidemic wave be as less aggressive as possible at a crucial time as the start of the vaccination campaign. Once again, we extend our hand to the Ministry of Health to collaborate in the organization of the assistance”.

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