The Covid school and the concerts

The obvious challenge for 2021 will be the development of Lomloe and, landed in the Valencian reality, what decisions will be taken by the Conselleria in the renovation of the educational concerts already underway. The first attempt to reduce them in High School ended up being defeated in court. Another not-so-obvious challenge begins with the start of the second evaluation, after the first marks that trigger absenteeism and dropout. Now, out of the spotlight, the profound effects of the long confinement and this atypical course will be felt. After the Lomloe, the Government is opening a new legislative front with the PF law. Providing it with more resources and connection to the world of work is a perennial challenge. It will take time for vaccines to reach children. The Covid school remains the great educational challenge.

The effects of the CelaĆ” law in the Community

The new organic law on education is already in force, although the regulations for its application in the Community will have to be developed during the year. The Concerted Party hopes that it will not be particularly restrictive in terms of the number of places available, although it is certain that it will clearly affect the education The Commission will also be involved in redistributing disadvantaged students, for example, by reserving places for late enrolments. The public, for its part, hopes that its preponderance will already be noticed in the next admission of students.

The controversial intensive day

One of the regulations to be negotiated this year is the future regulation of the continuous working day, where new conditions will be set to apply it from the academic year 2022-2023. This is not a trivial issue, as it transfers a completely polarised debate to families. It remains to be seen whether, as the teachers’ unions in particular are demanding, the criteria in force until last academic year, which were very restrictive, will be relaxed.



schools, almost all of them public, already apply the continuous day.

More resources and face-to-face classes

If there have been centres that, following pressure from parents and the will of the management team, have been able to increase presence in Secondary there is nothing to prevent us from following the same path in the coming months to avoid harming the students who attend in alternation. On the other hand, we will see if the increase in extraordinary resources due to the pandemic is consolidated, as principals are requesting under the maxim that more hands (teachers) and fewer ratios improve teaching.



million has been the extraordinary investment of this course.

Pandemic Opposition Comes

Last summer, the health crisis prevented the holding of the teaching competitions, which will finally begin in May. The challenge is great, because some cautious people will be evaluated without neglecting the health cautions. They have also generated conflict, with the main union rejecting them as they are detrimental to interns who are taking a course with a heavy workload.



Secondary school and other teaching positions include the call for applications.

The university will not accept any more delays

The never-ending story in the university field is about the promised funding model. Public institutions will not accept any further delay in the face of a promise that must be materialized in more funds to maintain infrastructures, promote research or set up titles that have been pending for years. The advance by the Regional Government of the payment of a large part of the historical debt that was due in 2021 has led more than one rectorate to think that this is a big prize that paves the way for another disappointment.



million due in 2021 have been paid out in 2020 from surplus resources.

The challenges of the year of hope in the Community

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