Ten thousand agents will armor the perimeter closure and a special group will watch over the parties

The at eleven o’clock at night, except on the 24th and 31st which will be one hour later, restrictions on group meetings and greater demands on the perimeter closure are some of the measures approved by the Generalitat that came into force yesterday to try to contain the advance of the virus.

To ensure compliance with these measures, the Government Delegation has deployed 10,000 agents of the National Police and the Guardia Civil in the Community.

In this way, the armed institute will be the body in charge of ensuring compliance with the perimetral closing and will do so, as specified by Government Delegation sources, in morning, afternoon and evening shifts.

The same sources pointed out that since yesterday controls have been reinforced in the access roads to the Community from Murcia, Catalonia, Castile-La Mancha and Aragon.

In addition, the Guardia Civil has assigned a specific team to intensify surveillance in rural areas and prevent parties in houses or farmhouses far from the urban area. The aim is to control those who want to organize clandestinely these celebrations that are so typical during these dates.

Another of the measures taken to control compliance with the restrictions is the 50% increase in the number of agents in shopping centres, department stores and hotel and catering establishments to ensure that capacity constraints are not exceeded, especially in bars and restaurants.

Airport controls

On the other hand, Foreign Health is carrying out the sanitary controls at the accesses of the airports of Valencia and Alicante. Since the end of November all travellers arriving by plane must prove that they have a negative PCR made in the 72 hours prior to their trip.

Also, since last weekend control of flights from the United Kingdom has been strengthenedespecially those destined for Alicante. Like all other travellers, they are required to have a negative PCR in order to enter, as long as they abide by the restrictions of the new decree. So far most of those who have landed have complied with the regulations, as detailed by the Government Delegation.

On the other hand, both the Generalitat and the Government Delegation and the Valencian Federation of Municipalities agreed to increase surveillance with the new restrictions. To this end, the city councils have been asked to suspend the events planned for the Christmas holidays and thus prevent crowding.

During the second alarm state National Police officers have filed about 50,000 proposals for sanctions for non-compliance with health standards. Most have been for not wearing a mask or not respecting the curfew agreed by the Generalitat.

For its part, the Guardia Civil has raised 3,180 proposals for sanctions to people who in recent weeks have not complied with the restrictions on entering and leaving the Community with the perimeter closure.

In this period 6,000 agents of the Guardia Civil have controlled the entrances and exits on the main roads. The actions have resulted in 9,173 people being sanctioned.

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