The Generalitat is planning a new tram line that will pass through the City of Sciences and reach as far as the Marina

The Generalitat wants the new tram line L-10 that will link Ruzafa and Nazaret not to remain an island without connection to Metrovalencia, for that reason the councillor of Public Works and Mobility, Arcadi España, has announced this morning that they are going to create a new tram line, which will be called L-11 and will start from Avenida Antonio Ferrandis, to cross the bridge of l’Assut de l’Or, continue along Calle Menorca “and then go along Calle Juan Verdeguer to the Clock building, to connect with the Marina” has indicated Arcadi España.

This new line will connect with the Metrovalencia service at the Grau-Canyamelar stop, that is, where the Plaza de la Armada Española and the monument in homage to Sorolla are located.

On the other hand, he has also announced that the L-10 will not stay only in Nazaret, they are going to start the procedures for this line to continue “through the Astilleros bridge and reach the Clock building”. In this case, the tram would also connect with the Grau-Canyamelar stop.

PDF: This is how the extension looks like

Although Arcadi España has explained that these are the two new projects of his ministry, he pointed out “that We want to move these two proposals both to the neighborhood associations of Nazareth and with the City Council of Valencia, in fact on Monday we already have a first meeting with the neighbors to detail the proposal”.

The conseller has explained that with this project “will prevent the L-10 will be a sack ass, because. will be connected through Nazaret to the Marina and with L-11 from the City of Sciences to the Marina”. For this reason, he assured that the provisional workshops or depots that are being built in Nazaret, to serve as a temporary base for the L-10 trams “will be just that, temporary. Once we manage to connect the trams with the Marina and with the Metrovalencia service, this workshop will no longer be necessary”.

It has also been indicated that foundation work has already begun on this Nazareth reservoir, which is being built on a site provided by the Valencia City Council and in a month and a half the structures will arrive to build it.

The process for the connection with the new La Fe begins.

These announcements have been made by the head of Mobility during the visit to the works of line 10, next to the shopping center of El Saler. The conseller, accompanied by the manager of FGV, Anaïs Menguzzato, and by the head of exploitation of FGV, Tomás Cebrián. The conseller also has said that “in a few weeks” they will have ready the administrative file to start the procedures of the line that will connect with the new La Fe. “We are preparing the documentation to start with this project,” added Spain.

On the L-10 works that are underway, Arcadi España has assured that “the works will be finished this year” and the start-up of the service is estimated “for the first quarter of 2021”, The train drivers and staff will have to be trained on the new route with tests once the convoys are ready. He pointed out that they are already investing 25 million in the underground part of the line and another 6 million in the surface section.

As for the line that will connect L-10 with the city centre, he has already indicated that it is a longer term thing. And that has to be studied in the metropolitan area plan.

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