The historic Mirage F-1M aircraft will continue to preside over the roundabout at the Paterna Exhibition Centre

The Dassault-Breguet Mirage F-1M (C.14) aircraft will continue to be exhibited in the distribution roundabout of the CV-31 access to the Paterna Trade Fair, after the City Council and the Air Force renewed the agreement for its transfer.

The aircraft, which is part of the State’s Cultural Heritage, has been there since 2009 and commemorates the first flight of an aircraft in Spain, in 1909, by the Valencian Juan Olivert, which took place in the grounds of the Daoiz y Velarde military barracks.

The renewal of the agreement signed between the Town Hall and the Historical and Cultural Service of the Air Force (SHYCEA) of the Ministry of Defence has been possible thanks to the fulfilment of the obligations of the City Council with regard to the preservation and conservation of the apparatusan air superiority fighter and attack aircraft.

Another commitment of the local administration is to maintain the aesthetics of the environment in which the Mirage F-1M is located in order to preserve the suitability of the space that houses an element of the State’s Cultural Heritage.

The Mirage F1 is an aircraft manufactured by the French company Dassault Aviation and entered service with the Spanish Air Force in 1975 to strengthen the Air Force. Its installation pays tribute to the first flight in Spain of an airplane, which took place in Paterna, and with which the history of aviation in our country began.

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