The hotel and leisure industry calls for a demonstration in Benidorm against the Government and for the extension of the ERTES

Entrepreneurs and associations of the trade, tourism, travel agencies, show. y hotel industry of the province of Alicante have convened a in vehicles to be held on Tuesday 29 September in Benidorm to protest the “continuous nonsense, lack of organization and programming that the Spanish government has demonstrated in this health crisis”.

At the end of the mobilization, the manifesto will be read ‘ERTE or death, let’s save Benidorm. In the march they will demand from the Government as one of the “indispensable” measures for “the salvation of the tourist sector” the prolongation of the ERTES for “all the sectors involved in the tourist industry” and “to be able to overcome this situation of economic unemployment, of the freezing of the consumption and of the labor and social uncertainty”.

The participating associations and companies will show their “absolute” support for the decision taken by the CEOE to halt the negotiations, “in view of the Government’s refusal to include the hotel industry, commerce, leisure and the sub-sectors that make up the tourism organization chart in the extension of the ERTEs”.

Pedro Sanchez is targeted

“If this is their final decision, the government of Pedro Sánchez will be responsible for the destruction of jobs and the disappearance of a third of the companies in the sector, which today in Spain total more than 800,000 workers receiving the ERTEs”, they have pointed out, while asking themselves “what the government plans to do with them after 30 September”.

They have also called for “retraining” of policy makers so as “not to let thousands of small and medium enterprises that support the tourism sector in this country and the families of the employees who depend on us die”.

Closed premises in Benidorm.
Closed premises in Benidorm / EFE

They also thanked the CEOE representatives for their decision to halt the talks with the Government. “This decision puts the brakes on the Sanchez government’s intentions to eliminate tourism as an industry that generates employment and wealth,” they said.

German example

In this sense, they have stressed that “there are other European countries where we can look, like Germany, which has extended the ERTES until December 31, 2021 for all sectors and with a 100% exemption on social security expenses”.

The sector points out that in Spain, “if the extension of the ERTES in the hotel and catering industry is not approved, it could lead to a loss of 700,000 jobs, even exceeding one million jobs if indirect jobs are added”.

“If this government does not give us urgent solutions, we will be forced to ask Brussels for the economic intervention of the Spanish government with all the consequences that this would entail, this being the one that can give us the most stability to try to save our tourism, our companies, our workers and their families, as the business and management inexperience of the members of the Sánchez executive has been demonstrated,” he said.

For this reason, they have called on “all employers, workers, self-employed and families” to participate in the next tuesday 29th september at 10.30 a.m. in the Aqualandia car parkFrom 11:00 hours, they will travel by caravan to the Terra Mitica car park.

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